(Pictured: Dev performing poetry at 
"All Together Now #8"-Hear and There Photography)
Full Length Plays (contact for Plot SYnopses/samples):
"A Game of Life: A modern ritual drama"
Developed as part of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' Third Annual Undergraduate Playwrights' Workshop (2018)
Drama, 2 Hours
8 Person Cast: All roles are played by actors of color of all genders (one role must be played by a black woman, another must be played by a black transfemme, denoted in text)
The Experiment-An immersive theatrical gaming experience crowd played by a live audience, starring actors of color in a fantasy role-playing game inspired world not unlike our own. Think Bandersnatch but theatre so it's cooler.
had a workshop production in May 2019 as Dev's BFA Theatre Arts Thesis
"In Love and War: an iliad for our time"
Developed as part of the Boston University New Play Initiative's first annual New Works Festival (2017)
Drama, 90-110 minutes
8 Person Cast: 1 black man, 1 asian american woman, 2 latina women, 1 white woman, 3 white men
A queer war drama treated like a modern epic set in the United States during a "hypothetical" future Civil War-featuring two possible endings!
Selected Poetry

Published on Qwear.com and in Hoochie Reader 2018
Up Here
Published in Hoochie Reader 2019
Black Thing/The Pride Poem